Short term volunteering that fits around your travel plans.

Skills based volunteering for professionals.


Skills based volunteering for professionals

Short term volunteering that fits around your travels


Our programmes are designed to fit around your travel schedule, maximising your experience.  

Volunteer abroad and learn from experts in the field.

Are you a professional looking to volunteer abroad?

We have amazing overseas opportunities that let you share your expertise in India and Nepal.

Grow your network at an international level.

Use your skills and knowledge to train a team of senior Development Sector professionals.

Explore the International Development Sector. 

Get first hand experience of different working cultures.

Immerse yourself in the local culture of our rural locations. 

Visit local areas, discover places that aren't in any guide books.

Meet new people & create new friendships.

Live with a local family during the programme.

volunteering abroad with cdv global


In the rural communities of India and Nepal there are thousands of small charities & nonprofit organisations working with minimal training opportunities, but with a desire to gain more knowledge. 

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CDV Global enables volunteers to work collaboratively with these organisations, co-creating and delivering short training programs, sharing their professional skills and knowledge.  

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If you have at least 10 years work experience in any sector and a desire to have a real impact and affect change, volunteer with one of our small charities & nonprofit organisations in India or Nepal.

Volunteering with CDV Global

Supporting charities through skills based volunteering


The Organisation

CDV Global provides training opportunities for small charieties and nonprofit organisations working in rural communities.

We undertake and in-depth Training Needs Analysis of each organisation, understanding their Skills, Knowledge and Aptitudes. ​

In collaboration with the organisation, we create our unique volunteering opportunities and offer them to professionals like yourself.  

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The Volunteer

CDV Global enables independent travelers to volunteer abroad in the development sector for 4 – 7 days.

We help you create and develop a training package that you deliver, in-country, to a small charity or nonprofit organisation's staff team. ​

We are flexible with dates and you'll be able to fit the training around your travel plans.  

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The Result

Small charities & nonprofit organisations benefit from professional training and global access to industry professionals.

Volunteers grow their professional network on a global scale, discover new and unique projects, and work collaboratively in a different culture and environment.

We all directly impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

How your skills & knowledge
could have an impact.


You train Development Sector workers improving their skills, knowledge and networks


The workers new skills and knowledge increases their delivery capacity in communities    

Global Goals 

The organisation is more effective at delivering the United Nations Global Goals 2030


Organisational Growth

Staff training enables grassroots organisations to:

Innovate strategically

Adapt new technologies

Increase productivity 

Employee Growth

Staff training enables grassroots organisations to:

Grow Professionally

Collaborate effectively

Increase staff retention 

Network Growth

A thriving network enables grassroots organisations to:

Create Awareness

Increase funding 

Maintain industry relevance

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Training Part One: 

3, 4 or 5 days  

Your arrival will be the day before the training commences. The following days will be filled with delivering training plus a half or full day site visit to one of the communities your organisation works with.

The main components of your training will be delivered and you'll be spending time with both the organisations staff and your local community. 

Travel & 


A successful Part 1 training is followed by a break. This is valuable for both the trainer and those being trained as it allows time new knowledge and skills to be practiced and embedded into the team.

During this time period, the volunteer is continuing with their traveling. There is normally a planned break of between 5 to 15 days. 

Training Part Two: 

1 or 2 days 

On return to the organisation, the volunteer undertakes a day or two of planned sessions that enable the team to refelct, ask questions and clarify their learning.

This not only embeds the training and enables a sucessful ending to the program it also offers the opportunity to solidifiy your relationship with the organisation. 

Volunteering for Professionals

volunteering abroad with cdv global

Your expertise counts

We work with you to understand your skills and knowledge, then help you find the best match to one of our partner organisations, making sure that you are equally suited. 

What can you do?
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Our Training programme

We provide you with all the training materials you'll need and pair you with a qualified training consultant to help you create the training that the organisation needs. 

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Collaborate with your partner

Making sure you are prepared to deliver the training, you'll talk directly with your partner organisation at least three times before you travel. You'll know them before you arrive! 


Expect to spend about 3 - 4 hours of your time per week, over 10 - 12 weeks,
preparing the training before you travel to your partner organisation.

We only work with registered charities and nonprofit organisations.

We offer them long term training solutions.

We believe that this is the best way to have a meaningful and sustainable impact.

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Volunteering abroad with CDV Global means you train organisations whose work supports the United Nations Global Goals.

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