Fully funded training for grassroots NGOs

Our training programmes

Fully funded, no cost training 

Delivered by professional volunteers

Individual & Corporate Volunteers  

ngo training in India

Are you based in India, Nepal or Malaysian Borneo? 

Are you a small, rural organisation?

  • Officially registered
  • Annual funding of less than $250,000 USD 
  • Organisational goals aligned to the UN SDGs 
  • Work directly for and with rural communities.
  • Secular organisations

Independent Training Needs Assessment

  • Organisational goals and strategy
  • Staff knowledge and competencies
  • Organisational challenges
  • Ongoing and upcoming projects
  • Areas of growth & training requirements

Fully funded training partnerships

  • Business Essentials training 
  • Team Building & Leadership 
  • Organisational specific 
  • Long term strategic growth 
  • Up to 4 trainings per year at your office 

Professional training courses held at your office

Business Essentials Training

Business communications skills

Team building and leadership

Office software skills.  

Independent Training

Skills your team requires

Designed in collaboration with professional volunteers

Delivered at your office

Programmes & Funding

Our programmes are fully funded

You can have four training programmes a year 

Training that your organisation needs 

Individual Volunteers

Our volunteers come from a variety of professional backgrounds.

They all have at least 10 years professional work experience.  

You are in complete control of who trains your team, you decide who volunteers at your organisation. 

You collaborate with the volunteers over 10-12 weeks before they deliver the training. 

Timings of the training are arranged around the volunteer's vacation. 




Corporate Volunteers

Our Corporate Volunteering Programme is designed to enable companies to partner with you over a 12 month period, delivering training programmes in a similar way to the individuals. 

We will cover four training programmes per year, each programme delivered indvidually or by a pair (1 training programme every 3 months). 

Company volunteers are generally senior leaders and management or potential future leaders. 

We manage the relationship for you, ensuring that your needs and requirements are met. 

You'll be able to partner with small, medium and large companies who align with your organisation through their Corporate Social Responsibility programming or specific business sector.    

The training programme

We have created an instructor led programme that works with your team to collaboratively create the training that your organisation needs, using the skills and knowledge of professionals from across the globe.

Each programme has a period of collaboration between you, the volunteer and our training consultants, this normally lasts for 12 weeks and somebody from your organisation must take responsibility in leading this. 

You'll help arrange for the volunteer will stay with a local family during the training programme, to get a fully immersive experience. 

Each programme is split into 2 parts:

Part 1 - Five days of training, including a trip to the field for one day. 

Break - 5 to 15 days.

Part 2 - Two days of follow up training.





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