Something a little lighter


2020 has been pretty heavy so far, so it's important every now and then to take time to smile at the little things in life... or Kinjal, as she's known.

Kinjal likes to sit with her Dad, Janak, our Nepal Network manager, while he practices his daily breathing exercises. Here's Kinjal struggling to keep a straight face as she goes through the motions. 

Our staff are based all over the world, in India, Nepal, Malaysia, US, UK and Germany and all of them have been coping with their own versions of Lockdown just as you have. Our day to day work routines haven't changed that much being a company used to remote working. But we've certainly missed getting outside to spend time with our NGO partners, who have, of course, been under movement restrictions as well.

Lockdown has meant some of use have had to be away from our families, which has been difficult. It's also meant that some of us have had to live with our families, which has been difficult. (Joking, honest).

Including his daughter in his daily routine has been one way that Janak has made the days more interesting... even if that does mean meditation isn't quite as meditative as it could be.

We hope you're all doing well wherever you are and find the time for a little laughter just like Little Kinjal. 

International Small Business Day
World Environment Day 2020


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Tuesday, 25 January 2022

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