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Social Work & Presentation Skills

Strengthen an NGO's ability to face local challenging situations

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Social care

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India, Karnataka - Mysuru, Chikkamagaluru


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Local Points of Interest

Ranganathaswamy Temple - 1hr bus
Mysore Palace - 1 hr Bus
Brindavan Gardens - 1hr 30 Bus

Social Work & Presentation Training

Organizational Overview

Vikasana Institute of Rural & Urban Development is a rural community-based organization in Mandya, Karnataka State, Southern India. They aim to support empowerment and self-reliance within the socio-economically deprived groups within their region, with specific regard to gender equality, youth protection and engagement and families living in poverty.
Undertaking those types of programs often leads the people from the Institute to deal with complicated crisis/situations, which is the subject you going to cover with them.

Training Programme Outline

Why do they need this training?

Vikasana Institute crucially needs to gain more experience in crisis and behavioral management and interpersonal communications to help with intervention and resolution of cases involving child or gender-based violence. You will need to assist them in developing strategies, practices or approaches that will allow their staff to handle such sensitive issues with the locals.

Who would fit this role?

As per the sensitivity of the assignment, CDV Global is looking for a highly experienced individual in the field diplomacy, crisis management, mediation, sociology or psychology. The volunteer will not only have to share her/his skills in those subjects with the staff, but she or he will also have to develop practical solutions that be used on the field, by their teams.

This opportunity is open to pairs & couples

Vikasana Institute is happy to accommodate two people and are open to two volunteers delivering the training.

Drop us a line.

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