Employee Engagement.

Successful employee enagement is more than numbers on a report. It brings commitment, motivation and a sense of personal well-being. 

Create the conditions for success

We can help you build the right workplace approach.



Committed staff are your organisations best asset. They share your goals and bring innovation to the table.  Take an innovative approach to fuelling that committment by using social impact initatives that will ignite their passions. 



Employee well-being has a huge impact on productivity and motivation. Whether in-person or remotely, working directly with a charity can bring a huge sense of achievement and purpose.   



Strong and authentic values are shown through actions. Implementing social impact initiaitives clearly show that your organisation to is willing and able to fulfill actions that are both meaningful and sustainable. 

Develop the soft skills you need

Our culturally diverse programming craves innovative thinkers.

Challenge perceptions, build their skills:

Cross-cultural collaboration.

Problem solve over continents.

Communicate across languages.

Build rapport, trust & empathy.

Assess, motivate & encourage.

The evidence is clear

Every survey says the same thing, employee engagement is not a nice to have, it's a must have!

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Reduced Employee Turnover

Increased Productivity
& Innovation

Increased Revenue Growth

Enhancing employee engagement strategies

Project DevLink

Project DevLink is a scalable and affordable business initiative that offers sustainable and measurable outcomes across the UNs Global Goals 2030. Social Impact that aligns with employee engagement, Learning & Development and CSR strategies. 


Project DevLive

Project DevLive partners your company with the small development charities of India and Nepal. Bring your company's skills, knowledge and expertise to the forefront of international development and directly impact on some of the world's marginialised communities. 


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