Our pricing is

Straightforward Pricing

Uncompromising value

We have two simple rates


Our opportunities are all one flat rate cost. This allows us to deliver training and resources equitably to our partner organisations.    

Opportunities as a pair or couple £2450

We welcome couples and friends who want deliver an opportunity together and will talk you through the process. The cost can be split as you require.  

The Opportunity

Our opportunities are set at a flat rate of  £1850 for an individual. This cost is inclusive and covers all range of services that we provide for you. We won't ask you for any other fees or add any surprise costs onto your trip.   

Volunteering in Nepal
No Fee Application Process

We don't charge you an application fee when applying for our opportunities.

You do however, have to be a member to apply for an opportunity and you must have spoken to our consultants and one of our Network Managers prior to applying for an opportunity. 

We do restrict the number of applications you can submit at any one time to 2. 

Applying as a pair or couple. 

We are happy to encourage couples and friends to apply together to deliver training. Talk to us about your joint skills sets and lets see what we can do together.  The cost to undertake an opportunity as a pair or couple is £2450.

Why is there an additional cost?

The extra cost covers the 2nd persons additional administrative (including training consultancy) and logistical costs (food, accommodation & travel). 

You'll each need to have a seperate membership to jointly apply.  


Visas & Insurance 

Our fees cover only the services that we provide as set out above. There are some key costs that you are responsible for and must factor into your budget when applying for our programme:

Travel Insurance

We will only accept you onto our programme with proof of purchase of a comprehensive travel insurance policy that as a minimum covers the period of your training programme. 

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CDV Global is a platform that enables professionals from across the globe share their knowledge, expertise and time with grass roots development organisations across Asia.


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