Making a Difference
by supporting local charities and nonprofits.


Making a difference by
supporting local charities

Creating long term impact 

Globally Skilled  

Our unique sustainable volunteer programmes enable professional volunteers from across the globe to share their knowledge, skills and expertise to support local charities in the rural areas of Nepal and India to further their ability to grow.


Locally Rooted  

Our partners are rural development organisations who work in small, remote towns and communities. They are at the forefront of International Development across Asia so sustainable volunteering can have a big impact.  


Do you believe in making a difference through sustainable volunteering? Learn how we support local charities through our volunteer programmes.

Volunteer programmes with real impact.

Our training approach


Why train rural charities & nonprofit organisations?  

Local organisations have developed long term, meaningful relationships with the communities that they serve and are best placed to understand the needs of those communities. 

However, many lack the organisational and financial capacity to provide necessary training to their staff. Our funding model enables that training. 

What is the type of training CDV Global provides?

Our training is aimed at building on the knowledge and skills of our partner organisations. We provide training that has an organisational impact, not project specific.  

We undertake an extensive Training Needs Analysis of each organisation that we partner with in order to understand their specific needs.


Why can't they access training from where they are? 

The organisations we support are typically based in small towns which are distant from cities. This locational disadvantage limits them from accessing the support that the larger urban areas provide.

Training courses are also expensive, and those financial constraints mean that training is a luxury not many are able to afford.  

Our volunteering approach

We aim for volunteers to have a long term impact

Volunteers can and do have long-term impact, but after years of working with volunteers and organisations in Nepal and India, we recognised that there is a better way to ensure that volunteers affect lasting and measurable change during their short visits overseas. Our volunteer programme ensures that the right people benefit from your expertise.  

We see volunteering as an equal partnership

Sharing knowledge and skills from one professional to another creates an equal partnership. Our volunteering model is designed to do just that. 

Training those who dedicate their work to communities and individuals is far more impactful than a direct volunteering experience in those same communities.

We create lasting networks and relationships 

We actively encourage collaboration, sharing and networking. Our volunteers return home and are able to connect their new partner organisation with other professionals; further raising awareness of its profile and cause. We want our volunteers to be making a difference from the day that they join us. 

What type of organisation you could volunteer with?

We partner with large numbers of rural charities and nonprofit organisations across Nepal and in Southern India. They are diverse and work in all areas of development, these are just a few of them. 

Jomsom Foundation Nepal

03 04 05

The Jomsom Foundation is based in Upper Musang and works with remote rural communities. They focus on gender equality for women through menstrual health awareness and sexual health awareness. It has 4 team members and works with over 20 different communities.


Garud Society - India

06 03 08


Garud Society focuses on projects that enable communities to increase their livelihoods by training young people on water system maintenance and conservation and through providing skills training on how to market agricultural products to larger towns. 


Adivasi Alliance - India

13 10 15


Working directly with disenfranchised tribal communities, the Adivasi Alliance promotes land rights and provides advocacy for civil actions. They also work closely with local tribal groups ensuring that local resources are managed effectively. 


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