Sustainable Volunteering

Volunteering that makes a difference.
Leave an impression that lasts a lifetime.

Discover how volunteering with CDV Global is different

Volunteer directly with charities, help develop their skills.

Off the beaten path

Off the beaten path

Immerse yourself in the local culture of their rural locations. 

Visit local areas, discover places that aren't in any guide books.

Meet new people & create new friendships.

Live with a local family during the programme.

Meaningful volunteering

Meaningful volunteering

Use your skills and knowledge help develop teams of charity sector professionals.

Grow your network at an international level.

Explore the International Development Sector. 

Get first hand experience of different working cultures.

A truly immersive experience

A truly immersive experience

Collaborate directly with the charity before you travel.

Build relationships and trust before you go. 

Be part of their team and arrive as a friend. 

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Designed to compliment your travel plans

Spend 7 full days with your charity

Spend 7 full days with your charity

Immerse yourself in the charity's work, visit the communities they work in and learn about their culture through our unique skills based volunteering programme. 

Plan your volunteering around your travel schedule

Plan your volunteering around your travel schedule

We are able to be extremely flexible and together we work closely with your charity partner to finalise dates. 

Schedule a call with one of our consultants 

A clear pricing structure

A clear pricing structure

And we encourage couples and pairs who wish to volunteer together. 

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Our Volunteer Programme

offers you a unique chance to discover the real story behind a community.



12 week period before you depart, preparing training with the charity and our Training Consultants via 1 on 1 video and email support. 

Part One - 5 days

Part One - 5 days

You'll deliver 5 days training at the charities office. Also included is a full day visiting the communities that your training will impact on. 

Break 5 - 15 days

Break 5 - 15 days

A perfect time for you to explore and discover more of the country whilst letting your Part One training solidify with the team.  

Part Two - 2 days

Part Two - 2 days

Part Two offers more in-depth training and clarifies understanding, cementing both the training and your relationship the charity.   

Who volunteers with us?

volunteering abroad with cdv global


No matter what profession, sector or industry our volunteers all have at least 10 years work experience.

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Our volunteers love to discover new places and are excited about exploring independently. 

Visit India

Does this sound like you?

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Those looking to share their skills and knowledge whilst learning exciting new things. 

Visit Nepal

Volunteer programmes with real impact.

Together, we can create long term impact.

Do you believe in making a difference through sustainable volunteering?
Learn how we support local charities through our volunteer programmes.

Globally Skilled

Globally Skilled

Our volunteer programmes enable professional volunteers from across the globe to share their knowledge, skills and expertise.

Locally Rooted

Locally Rooted

Our partners charities who work in small, remote towns and communities. They are at the forefront of international development. 

We don't seek to change the charities with whom we partner.

We offer growth and opportunity where there is none available.

We honour our partners community wisdom and local knowledge.

Our training is free of cost to our partner charities.

Our Approach

Local Needs

Local organisations have developed long term, meaningful relationships with the communities that they serve and are best placed to understand the needs of those communities.

Organisational Context

Our training is aimed at building on the knowledge and skills of our partner organisations. We provide training that has an organisational impact, not project specific.  

Rural & Remote

We support organisations typically based in rural communities. This locational disadvantage limits them from accessing the support that the larger urban areas provide. 

Skilled volunteering is essential

Long term impact

By training the professionals in the field. volunteers are ensuring that their time is well spent and meaningful. 

Equal partnerships

Our volunteering model is designed to share knowledge and expertise from one professional to another. 

Building networks

Our volunteers return home and connect their new partner organisation with other professionals. 

Discover your next charity partner!

We work with a huge array of charities across Nepal and Southern India, personally visiting them at least once a year.
We've learnt all about what skills they need so that we can help you to share yours.  

volunteering abroad with cdv global

Nisgara Foundation India

Nisarga focus on childrens services and rural development.

Could you help support their team of social workers by developing their social communication skills?

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volunteering abroad with cdv global

Laxmanghat Social Centre Nepal

The Laxmanghat team focus on youth inclusion and eduction. 

Use your marketing & media skills to help them reach out to young people in the rural communities of Nepal. 

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volunteering abroad with cdv global

Thavaru Public Charitable Trust India

Thavaru provide schooling and social care for young children and adults. 

Help them raise awareness and boost funding opportunitie by sharing your web design knowledge and ideas

Learn more